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Add-on Services

Registry add-on services, assumes you already are a registry customer to us. With our additional services you can show your customers that you are pursuing a reliable, responsible and professional net presence. By ordering our additional services you increases the ability to conduct effective operations.


Resilans Multihoming is a service offering where we document and set up a professionally and redundant Internet service with the following criteria:

Two routers outwardly speaks BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and inward OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) or VRRP. We prefer to work with our Open Source Routers but can also make use of HP, Juniper or Cisco products. Unique in the market, we set this up in its own AS (Autonomous System) in a Provider Independent /24 networks. For this service we enclose a documented needs assessment as well as a proven design sketch that we perform together with the customer. As an additional service we can also offer monitoring or operation of the service.

Abuse Monitoring

Over the years that the Internet has existed, it has evolved from being a research project to become an important part of our community. Different kinds of attacks take place every hour to almost every single computer on the network. Normal protection against various abuses is performed by having high security on computers and networks. Often this is done with some kind of firewall. A increasing amount of attacks whoever slips through different types of protection. Once the perpetrator has entered your system they can steal resources, and/or your system can be used as a starting point to perform other criminal activity.

In the RIPE region there is an agreement that all IP resources shall have an abuse-mailbox. The IP resources that we are responsible for must have an abuse recipient and the incoming emaoils it must be handled. Failure to do so is the basis for a withdrawal of the addresses.

We can offer


Let us monitor your abuse-mail address and respond to incoming inquiries regarding events that are characterized as "Internet Abuse" (as the examples below). We can sort mail not directed at your specific IP-resources and pass on what is relevant to you to act on.

Examples of "Internet Abuse"

  • Computer Crime, the use of IP resources in criminal activities
  • Cyber-bullying, use of the Internet to harass and intimidate
  • Spam (electronic), send unsolicited advertisements
  • Malware, software designed to damage a user's computer, including viruses

Add-on Service Honeypot

If some some kind of "Internet Abuse" occurs from your IP ranges, we can monitor this. It is very difficult to know what is being sent over the internet. So we have designed a system where we placed equipment positioned to detect when your systems sends out different types of "Internet Abuse." Not everything can be detected, in which case we would have had a perfect Internet. But a lot can be discovered when the perpetrators are spreading their attacks from computer to computer. Here, our Honeypot system will be very handy.

Consulting Services

Advanced network services may also be that our team of qualified engineers, for a limited period of time works as consultants for you. We prefer to use our checklist for quality control that will be reviewed with you prior to implementation. Resilans will not implement a solution that does not meet your needs.