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Advanced Router Functionality

An increasing number of companies are discovering the advantage of adding advanced router functionality.

Not too long ago, network routers where simple hardware devices to connect separate networks. But a lot has happened and a lot happens in router development. Several trends interact in the process of becoming the next great online revolution. Data Memory is getting cheaper and it is becoming more sense to add functionality in intelligent software. We have seen how the PC took over the supercomputer, the circuit-switched based communication taken over by IP. On the broad front will now see open source routers built on standard components and open source software. We are here to help you, we can manage advanced network routing and open software and integrated services.

Network Routers that integrates services

Increased productivity, reduced capital outlay and lower operating costs are common benefits from the installation of network routers that integrate services. These benefits are independent of company size. The routing functionality as a modern router can perform it is becoming more advanced. Network Routers can now perform many more functions than just traditional routing. We now have routers that can deliver multiple applications such as video, voice, data, Internet access, mobility and wireless.

We get an increasing number of inquiries on construction of specialized routers for security, filtering, ad-hoc networks and the like.

A network router today offers integrated services that are built in or can easily be added. Instead of buying different products that provide different features, you can now get a network router with integrated services in the core network. Instead of a lot of products you can install one device. A device that can be easily fitted with central network monitoring. A router with functionality like easily configured monitoring and seamless upgrade as well as the future proof of always current software.

The central network surveillance has an additional advantage in the phases of expansion and development, or if you have employees who work remotely or at home: monitoring can easily be decentralized with simultaneous and equal functionality and access at headquarters and remote locations.

It's easy to include or add features with the extension and expansion of your business,

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